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We offer high grade quality Light Cranes, cable Trolley etc at most reasonable price.

Quality Is No Accident...

This Single Motto Forms the Bedrock of Silverline...

An ISO-9001: 2000 organization managed by Qualified Professionals and Experienced Engineers with expertise in the field of dsl system, festoon system, rail clamps, tools, dies and sheet-metal components, electrical stampings and finished sheet metal fabrication with powder coating and painting, Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has put rigorous efforts in honing every nook and corner of its area of core competence. These relentless efforts lead in achieving total satisfaction of its reputed clients since 1994. We have established ourselves as a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Crane Components for EOT cranes like DSL System, Festoon System, Rail Clamps, Cable Trolleys, Overload Relays,Light Crane etc.

Since the inception of the company, "Total Quality Management" has been the numero uno priority right from installing the most modern machinery and equipments to maintaining the impeccable quality control method. The company has highly sophisticated state of the art plants at Mumbai, Aurangabad and Dubai. These plants are staffed by experienced and qualified team of engineers. All the stages of fabrication and assembly are meticulously planned and vigilantly monitored. The Mumbai unit manufactures and exports 95% of its production to USA and UAE. The Aurangabad unit manufactures crane components.

Silverline has strong business relations with Original Equipment Manufacturers, who form the very base of the economy. The application industry horizon encompasses crane manufacturers, home appliances, automobiles, wind electricity generators, machinery manufacturers, filtration equipment and other engineering industries. The company has ambitious global desires and plans to make each manufacturing unit to export 95% of its production.

Range of Products

Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures, suppliers and exports an impressive series of well engineered pressed metal components, crane components and fabrication parts. Our wide range of well engineered products include:

  • Crane Components for E.O.T. cranes like DSL System, Festoon System, Rail Clamps, Cable Trolleys,Flat Cable,Overload Relays, DSL Busbar System, Shrouded DSL Busbar System
  • Sheet Metal Parts, Press Parts for Washing Machine, Refrigerator Parts, Air-conditioner Parts, Honey Comb
  • Belt, Automobile Body Parts, Rotor Stampings, Electrical Stampings, Adjusters & Triangles (safety belts for automobiles), Switches for brass torches
  • Fabricated Products: Wind Mill Tower Fabrication, Wind Mill Assembly, Wind Mill Heat Exchanger Parts, Oil Separator, Filter Machine Parts and Fabrication
  • Other Products: Track Couplers,Light Crane, Girders, End Caps, C Tracks, C Track Support Brackets, Towing Trolleys, Flat Cables, Control Cables with Wire, Push Button Pendants, C Connect Boxes, Cable Trolleys, End Cable Clips.

Core Purpose

To Convert Aspirations Into Reality

Core Values

  • Commitment to Quality - We do the best possible to give excellent quality products to our customers at affordable prices.
  • Innovation - We work to innovate new, effective products, and work towards improvement of the existing product range. Our motive is to set up user friendly & efficient products for the benefit of the industry. 
  • Integrity - We encourage strong, ethical & moral values in our team. Hard work, honesty, discipline and endurance are the strong pillars of our business. 
  • Humanity - Be humble at any time. We believe in We & not I. With high inspirations, we never compromise on human ethics.